Dance Camp is amazing!!!!

My son has been to dance camp for the past six years and has enjoyed every minute. He always has such a fantastic time and has formed so many lasting friendships over the years. He has also got to dance with and be inspired by some very talented choreographers including Marko Panzic, Kelly Abbey, Don Naplan, Louie George and many more. Kim Rhodes and Launcelot Roma are two amazing people who’s hard work and dedications to the art has made these camps what they are today… heaps of fun and lots a dancing !!!!!

Marina French

My daughter has attended Dance-Off! Camp from Year 7 to Year 12. She always came home tired but had a great time in the process. Dance-Off! gives students the opportunity to develop their dance skills in a broad range of styles whilst being taught by leading dance professionals. Kim and Launce ensure Dance- Off! is a positive and encouraging experience for all who attend. A highlight for parents is the closing presentation where all the students perform choreography from each of the workshops held during the camp. Based on my experiences, or I should say my daughter’s, I wholeheartedly recommend Dance-Off! for all students who love to dance.

Sandra Martin (DanceOff! parent from 2008 til 2013)

I love Dance Off Camp…..
I have been going to Dance camp for the last five years. We have so much fun there. Each year I get to see all my friends from the camps before and I get to make heaps of new ones. I really like learning tons of new moves from some really awesome teachers/Choreographers. We also get to watch movies of our choice at night and play lots of games. Dance off has a DOTT (dance off talent time) award where we pick our own groups of students to literally have a dance off…..I love that part. Last year our group of four boys won the talent time.
I have got a lot out of these camps, not only do I get to meet awesome kids, awesome teachers, have lots of awesome fun I also get to learn to be an awesome dancer !!
Thanks Kim and Launce… we love you!

Keanu French – Year 10 Student, Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School

Being involved with Dance Off! shaped and enhanced my dance training and exposure. It also improved my high school years, helped form life-long relationships and friendships and allowed me to flourish as an individual.
At camp, being surrounded by the talented Kim and Launcelot, famous choreographers and young dancers just like myself, I witnessed a side of dance I’d never experienced before. As part of the Dance Off! troupe I performed at prestigious locations and events and even travelled to China to represent Western Sydney.
None of this would have been possible without the passion and dedication from Kim and Launcelot and I’m forever thankful for the experiences I’ve had and knowledge I’ve gained. They’ve helped make me the dancer I am today.

Taneal Norman – Univeristy Student

Coming from country NSW, being able to dance in Sydney has been an amazing experience for Georgie. Dance Off camp is a fantastic opportunity to meet other kids with the same passion and learn from some of the industry’s best choreographers. The Dance Off teachers and family provide a caring non competitive environment with everyone encouraged to try something new. Definitely something we look forward to every year.

Rowena Ellis – Dance Off Parent!

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of DanceOff! for many years, both as a dancer and mentor now, and would not be the dancer I am today without the support I received from the programs. Surrounded by the team of teachers, wonderful dancers and a fantastic, nurturing environment, every year at the camp took me through my paces but made such a difference to my dance in just a few days. DanceOff! gives a wonderful opportunity to young, aspiring kids to expand their horizons and be exposed to the dance industry in just the right dosage. It taught me from a young age to push myself, to enjoy the challenges I faced and also, how to communicate with like minded people and act with respect and proper etiquette. These were really important lessons for me and ones I take with me in my professional career now.

With the opportunities I was lucky enough to receive through the DanceOff! Troupe, I was able to perform internationally and tour China twice, which for anyone, let alone a high school student, is phenomenal. But more memorable was the all hard work, the routines and the friendships that grew from those experiences and the knowledge I gained.

Now that I have been able to be a mentor at these camps for a few years, I get to see the students who are taking important steps for themselves by attending. Kim and Launce honestly couldn’t keep me away when I left school, I would’ve showed up for the three days anyway, but I love being able to help the young dancers through the experience and pass down my advise and knowledge to them. None of these opportunities would’ve been possible without the complete dedication of the teachers and their ongoing support, they helped me to grow as a dancer and professional, and have made a huge difference to a multitude of students.

Genevieve Morris – Dance Off Student and Mentor

Dance Off was absolutely the best dance experience I had throughout my time at high school. It was a place where I felt safe to try new movement and I was exposed to leading professionals in the dance industry. I found it to be a very supportive and fun learning environment in which I developed my dance technique, performance quality and made some lifelong friends.

I had been dancing since I started school and trained at the same dance studio for many years. I was very comfortable with their personal style and loved jazz and hip hop. Dance Off allowed me to explore new styles including lyrical and contemporary that I had never tried before. I also worked in groups to develop my own choreographic skills and learning to compromise – not the easiest task for teenagers.

Launce Roma and Kim Rhodes are not only amazing dancers themselves, they have a passion for teaching which is evident from the moment you walk into camp. Launce and Kim are the kind of teachers I aspire to be in my future career as a high school teacher. I had two fantastic years of participating in Dance Off as a student.

Dance Off also lead to other performance opportunities both in Sydney and Internationally. I returned to camp in my first year of university as a mentor for the high school students. I got to see firsthand the countless hours of preparation that go into the camp as well as the pride that Kim and Launce take in their well developed and structured program. I would highly recommend this camp to any students wishing to enhance their dance ability in a fun environment. The best advice I can give to future students of this camp is don’t be afraid to stumble or look silly, as these are the moments when you find that little something extra in yourself.

Alara Cassells-Forward – Dance Off Student and Mentor, New Scheme Teacher