Who can attend Dance Off?

A: Any student who attends a NSW public school (Stages 3- 6) can attend the camp.

What dance experience is necessary?

A: In order to be able to fully participate in the camp, students are asked to meet certain dance criteria. Please see the website for more information.

Who are the dance teachers at Dance Off?

A: All instructors at Dance Off are successful professional dancers, with industry experience both within Australia and internationally.

What should my child wear in the workshops?

A: Appropriate dance wear is needed for each workshop, as well as appropriate footwear. More detailed information is provided in the Information Package provided to parents.

Does my child have to do every workshop?

A: All students must attend every workshop. We expect our students to have a go at everything and promote a non-competitive environment that is inclusive of all.

Will my child be in a room with her friends?

A: All students are roomed with fellow students from their school. If a student attends on their own, we make arrangements for them to meet other students and form friendships. Special requests for rooming can be made.

Do boys and girls have separate accommodation?

A: Boys and girls have separate accommodation and bathroom facilities.

Does each room have it’s own bathroom?

A: Bathrooms are located at the end of each block of rooms. There are sufficient showers and toilets for all students.

Who supervises the children at Dance Off?

A: All supervising teachers are DEC public school teachers.

Can my child leave if they have a dance commitment and then return at a later time?

A: We can make arrangements for students to leave if they have a prior commitment and return at a later time. Please contact Kim Rhodes or Launce Roma to make arrangements and provide documentation.

How can I contact my child during the camp?

A: All mobile phones are collected for the duration of the camp. This is a DEC requirement in order to ensure student safety. Phone calls can be made by special request. In the case of an emergency, parents can contact the camp organisers.

Will my child be involved in the final showcase?

A: All students are involved in the final showcase. They will perform each of the choreographies they have learnt at the camp.

When is the final showcase?

A: The final showcase is at 2pm on the final day of the camp. We encourage all parents to come along and support their child. It is the HIGHLIGHT of the camp. Bring family and friends along too.

What should my child wear for the showcase?

A: All dancers are asked to wear black dancewear, including their Dance Off singlet.

How will I know if my child has been selected for the Dance Off Performance Troupe?

A: Parents will be contacted by phone after the camp has concluded.

What if my child has specific dietary requirements? Does the camp cater for their needs?

A: Our venue caters to a wide range of specific dietary requirements. If your child has specific requirements, please state clearly on the application form and our venue and staff will do their best to cater to their needs.

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