Dance Off Senior Camp

The Dance Off! Senior camp focuses on exposing our dancers to the industry of professional dance. The aim of the camp is to engage the dancers in workshops that are challenging and inspiring. Industry professionals will talk about the characteristics that a dancer must possess, focusing on dance etiquette, quality training and commitment. The instructors talk personally about their own experiences, their training and provide tips and advice for aspiring dancers.

Classical ballet is included in the senior camp. We strongly believe that ballet underpins all dance and forms the foundation for a strong dancer. In addition to the dance workshops, the dancers are given the experience to participate in a mock audition. The aim of this audition is to enable students to experience what a real dance audition would be like, but also provides a forum for students to be selected into the Dance Off! Performance Troupe.

All students at the Dance Off Senior camp are expected to be involved in the DOTT Awards (Dance Off Talent Time). Students form groups based on their room allocation and create a performance based on a given criteria. Performances do not have to be dance related. The final showcase is the highlight of the camp. Parent, family members and friends are invited to come along and celebrate the work of every dancer that attends our camp. All choreographies are showcased on the final afternoon. DOTT Criteria can be downloaded here.

Be Inspired, Be in Rhythm, Be Moved!